The coating was developed with the technical knowledge of Chemetall, Germany, and was improved simultaneously with other major companies in the world. The phosphate conversion coating aims to prevent corrosion and create a layer that enhances the adhesion of the coating. During the phosphating of metal parts—such as iron, galvanized steel, and aluminum—by cations, a thin, porous, and corrosion-resistant layer forms over the metal surface by the chemical reaction of an acid with the metal. The tricationic phosphates of Goharfam  form a phosphate layer with excellent properties and fine crystal morphology on CRS and galvanized sheets.

Producing a phosphate coating of high quality requires adequate surface preparation. The coating adheres better and, consequently, lasts longer when applied over a clean substrate. Surface preparation involves degreasing. Degreasing and phosphating coatings produced by Goharfam  can be used in both spray and immersion systems.