Goharfam Industrial & Manufacturing Company was established in 1989 by a group of efficient industry managers who have a long history in the field of paint and industrial coatings and has continued to operate with the aim of raising the quality level and achieving self-sufficiency.

The factory of this company located on the old Karaj-Qazvin road after Tavousieh town, Morgak St., is built on a land of 20,000 square meters, with a production area of ​​over 12,000 square meters, including production halls. Liquid dyes are powder, lacquer, plastisol, phosphate, grease and resin.

This company is one of the largest and most well-equipped dyeing laboratories in the country with quality control and research laboratories. This company relies on the technical expertise of its highly trained and experienced technologists, using the latest technology and the latest in cutting-edge machinery. Quality control and research laboratories are capable of producing a variety of industrial and specialized coatings.

The company's experienced and technical staff consists of a large number of specialists and graduates from undergraduate to doctoral degrees, with a significant number of technicians and skilled workers working in various parts of the plant, along with a significant number of technicians and workers.

Offering educational services through various classes, out-of-country courses, attending specialized domestic and overseas exhibitions and seminars were among the company's efforts to keep its staff up to date with the best possible technical knowledge. After-sales service to coordinate the color lines of different industries is one of the key points of the system.

According to the company's policy in order to meet the quality and quantity requirements of the customers, their satisfaction in the context of contracts and technical standards, the company has achieved the following through these strategies.

- Resource management practices, including motivation system, capacity building training and skills of all personnel at the organization level.

- Creating the right working conditions for nurturing creativity and innovation with the aim of keeping the organization dynamic and achieving zero waste.

- Using the latest technical and engineering knowledge and planning system to meet the demands of customers for quality production and timely delivery.

- Compliance of activities with national and global standards as well as customer requirements and establishment of a quality management system based on the latest ISO methods

- Corrective measures are taken to prevent non-compliance and the use of up-to-date quality management techniques.

Establishment of a quality management system based on the partnership and close cooperation of all managers and staff at all levels of the organization.